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My photography essentials


Canon  Primes: 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm

This is the gear that I trust and my greatest travel companions.

Canon 5D

For years, I traveled around with my Canon point and shoot before really committing to photography. It was just after knee surgery when my life slowed down that I decided to take the time to learn the art and not just shoot in Auto mode, but I was overwhelmed about what to invest in and where to begin. After extensive research and people yelling at me from all directions to go mirrorless, I stuck to my gut and went down the Canon DSLR track. There is something so classic about the colours, feel and even that recognisable Canon Click, the satisfying "I got the shot" feeling. I have since upgraded to a 5D and can play devil's advocate but I stand behind Canon wholeheartedly. 

I started off with kit zoom lenses, but over time replaced them with mostly prime lenses. It is a completely different discipline that I quickly took a liking to. These lenses force me to think critically about composition as I take the shot rather than being trigger happy and shooting without real purpose. I enjoy the challenge of zooming with my feet, the camera can't do the work for me. I'm a big believer in 35mm lens photography specifically; it is versatile for portraits, landscape and travel, requires me to be part of the action and creatively move my body around to get the right composition, and tells a full story by capturing subjects relative to their environment. After just a few days of using a prime, I quickly realised that my limitations were coming from using zoom lenses. And a bonus! Prime lenses are generally lighter for my treks and travels. Prime lenses are not for everyone, its a completely different style and mindset but I enjoy the adventure it requires. 

My zoom lenses: I have a 24-70 2.8 Canon that I barely touch. I use my 70-200 for events, some portraits, and weddings when I can't get too close!

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Its not just about the bag. Yes, its the top bag technology, waterproof, rugged and designed specifically for photo adventures and everyday life. I don't go anywhere without it. BUT beyond the bag itself is an incredible story, team, and brand with a heart.


The products are made at the expense of nobody and they truly care for the environment, sending a percentage of every purchase to an environmental non-profit.


Peak Design is a member of the Conservation Alliance, a group of businesses that have collectively helped save more than a consistently increasing 50 million acres of wildlands; protect 2,991 miles of rivers; stop or remove 29 dams; designate five marine reserves; and purchase 12 climbing areas.


So it does go beyond the bag and the gear, its an incredible company that I am proud to represent from the office to the summit of  New Zealand peaks. 

Peak Design Cuff Strap

I use this cuff for peace of mind. It secures my camera around my tiny wrist, so it doesn't accidentally drop or hang off my neck and annoyingly bounce off my chest as I adventure. Its unobtrusive,  magnetically locks and comfortably cinches down on my wrist for security. On photo outings, I keep the strap on my wrist even when its not connected to the camera for quick accessibility. 

Peak Design Shell

I often experience four seasons from the base of a mountain to the summit. You can never set out prepared for only one weather condition. This shell literally saved my camera on the NZ Tongariro Crossing when a surprise horizontal blizzard left us drenched. 

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