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Honest, Lifestyle Imagery ↠✧

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Capture the in-between, organic, fleeting moments.



Hold your breath for the count of three mississipis and press the shutter.’

After spending most summer Saturdays weeding Grannyma Kit's garden, she would

hand me her 1981 Olympus 35mm to capture the butterflies and bees buzzing through

the revitalised petunias. This is one of my earliest memories of capturing the fleeting.


This relationship with photography as a way to document life and connect with the world developed with time as I learned of life’s finite nature. I will of course take the posed smiling shots, but I thrive when capturing the emotional in-between moments, the random and spontaneous in life that you always wish you could preserve. I aim to create authentic photos that capture subjects in their own element and emote true feelings, using natural lighting and the environment we're part of, which makes each image and story unique.  I aim to tell a full story, one that you can hold onto long after the memory would be faded.


The sense of adventure that photography inspires combined with the ever renewed opportunity to meet people ignites me! I leave photoshoots feeling so genuinely connected to my subjects, whether it be a couple madly in love, fearless youth, rocky shores along the Pacific or sunsets slowly slipping behind peaks. I will capture the real-life stuff, the unnoticed interactions and the perfectly imperfect small moments. It's these snapshots, these fleeting seconds that remind us that there is so much genuine love, connection and beauty out there in our turbulent, action packed world.

After years abroad, I am based back in my hometown, Denver, CO. I am fueled by friendship, connection and community. My days are filled with community building and supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs, and documenting community, love  and humanness is my passion profession outside of work. If you'd like me to photograph, document and create something beautiful together or you want to collaborate on a project, please feel free to reach out because I am always up for an adventure!



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Honest Lifestyle/Documentary Photography ↠✧

☼ Engagements  ☼  Elopements  ☼  Portraits  ☼  Families  ☼

Intimate Weddings  ☼  Maternity  ☼  Personal Branding  ☼

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