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ELYSE - Personality Shoot

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Kalen Jesse is GEM of a photographer! I found Kalen during an event at the Commons on Champa and she was behind her camera, shooting away. Kalen did the head shots for some of the entrepreneurs in the room and I was absolutely entranced at the way she was able to showcase the personality and beauty of these individuals. I was also really impressed on how she is able to showcase people of color without washing them out or making them look too light skinned. I wanted to find a local photographer who can capture folx who have more melanin in their skin and celebrate that fact through the photos. I absolutely love that Kalen brings out the best in people and is able to highlight the true essence of her clients.

I absolutely love working with Kalen because she is so enthusiastic about her work and is able to make me feel completely beautiful and authentic. She brings a professional yet approachable energy to her shoots. The way she can see things and captures moments make her more than 5-star quality. Her photos are absolutely stunning, and if you want beautifully captured, authentically unique photos, Kalen should be your go-to photographer.

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