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Capturing Life's Unfiltered Beauty
From indescribable emotions to the often unnoticed details, we thrive on preserving the authentic, spontaneous, and messy moments that form the most meaningful memories. 

We are attentive and understanding, providing you with excellent customer service, attention to detail, and a safe space for all. 

Our team includes multiple photographers (digital/film), videographers + content creators.

an image of Kalen with a camera sitting on a studio box


Relationships first, fostering an environment allowing you to be yourself at every shoot. 

I live for the indescribable emotion in a fleeting moment, the essence of a person, the often unnoticed details or connections. 

My connection with photography grew over time as I realized life's fleeting nature. While I will of course take the posed smiling shots, I thrive when capturing emotional, spontaneous moments—the ones you wish to preserve. I believe messy, unexpected moments form the most meaningful memories. My goal is to create authentic photos that evoke true feelings, capturing subjects in their unique element and environment, making each image and story unique. 

Kalen Jesse Photography Co. is twofold: 

1. For BUSINESSES and ENTREPRENEURS, I capture brand's stories authentically through brand sessions + events. Together, we craft a strategic plan to curate a full content library that appeals directly to your target client or audience through visual storytelling and branding photos. 

2. For  LIFESTYLE shoots, including weddings,  families, engagements, maternity, I take time to get to know you to tell a full, honest story through documentary style photography, one that you can hold onto long after the memory would be faded.

Photography fuels my sense of adventure and allows me to connect deeply with people. Whether it's capturing the love between couples, fearless  youth, passionate entrepreneurs, or sunsets slowly slipping behind peaks, I focus on real-life moments and genuine connections. Through my lens, I capture the unnoticed interactions and perfectly imperfect small moments, reminding us of the love, connection, and beauty in our turbulent, action packed world. 
After years in New Zealand, I now split my time between Denver, CO, and Washington DC and travel often for photo sessions. Fueled by connection and community, I dedicate my days to community building, entrepreneurship, angel investing, and startup consulting. With over a decade of experience and education, along with 1000+ sessions under my belt, I've refined a distinct yet timeless style. I have a journalistic storytelling approach to weddings, events, lifetsyle and commercial work. Whether it's capturing your brand, life moments, or collaborating on a project, I'm always up for an adventure. Reach out, and let's create something beautiful together!                                                                                                                                                                       

         Cheers,                                  Kalen Jesse

An image from an event in RiNo Art District in Denver. Two people are painting a mural.

"Kalen is not just incredibly talented with a poetic eye, she is also so much fun to work with. When we were planning a big retirement party for our beloved founder, there was no question who could best capture the nuances, emotion and energy of the night.


Kalen moves stealthily and quietly - capturing beautiful, impromptu and genuine moments. Her experience as an artist and  dancer shines through with her creativity and intentionality. Whether you are needing some updated headshots or capturing an important event, Kalen will provide you with beautiful images to last a lifetime."

RiNo Art District, Events

Humanness. Genuine connection. The perfectly imperfect. 


Your story starts here.

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