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Top places for an engagement session in Washington DC 

Top places for an engagement session in Washington DC 

Washington, D.C. offers a variety of picturesque locations for engagement sessions. Here are some top places for an engagement session in D.C.:

  • National Mall and Monuments: Iconic landmarks such as the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and Capitol provide stunning backdrops.

  • Georgetown: The historic streets of Georgetown with its cobblestone paths, colorful townhouses, and waterfront offer a romantic setting.

  • Tidal Basin: Especially beautiful during cherry blossom season, the Tidal Basin offers views of the Jefferson Memorial and blooming cherry trees.

  • Dumbarton Oaks Gardens: This beautiful garden in Georgetown features terraced landscapes, fountains, and lush greenery.

  • Smithsonian Gardens: The gardens surrounding the Smithsonian museums, like the Enid A. Haupt Garden, provide a lovely setting.

  • Kennedy Center Rooftop Terrace: With panoramic views of the city, the rooftop terrace at the Kennedy Center is a unique and elegant location.

  • Meridian Hill Park: This historic park with its cascading fountain and neoclassical architecture is a popular spot for engagement photos.

  • Union Station: The architecture of Union Station and its surroundings, including the Columbus Circle fountain, can make for a stylish urban backdrop.

  • Dupont Circle: A vibrant and lively area, Dupont Circle offers a mix of urban and green spaces, making it versatile for engagement photos.

  • The Yards Park: Located along the Anacostia River, this park features modern architecture, a boardwalk, and scenic waterfront views.

Remember to consider the time of day, lighting, permit requirements, and your personal preferences when choosing the perfect location for your engagement session. I am here to help with this!


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